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Composting is easier than you think. Scroll up, click the orange button & link to our Composting FAQS page! Come on, you know you want to!

Rainwater Harvesting

Hold your water – It’s a precious resource! We are working on our Rainwater Harvesting Resources page. Please check back soon. Meanwhile, turn the shower off while you soap up.

Home Waste Reduction

You will be amazed at how composting & attentive recycling can reduce your household waste. Find more ways to reduce waste by clicking on Resources – Recycling & Waste Reduction.

Stay in the know with your residential waste and recycling provider. Recycling guidelines change all the time - don't get left behind!

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From Save That Stuff Inc. - "When our organic waste goes into landfills (via our trash bins), it sits under piles of trash indefinitely. This effectively creates a vacuum and the organic waste breaks down without oxygen. When food breaks down like this (anaerobically) , it creates methane, a greenhouse gas that is 23x more environmentally damaging than CO2!" Reduce your landfill waste with composting, attentive recycling & household waste reduction.

  • In urban areas, up to 40% of food-waste ends up in a landfill
  • 144 square feet of roof will catch as much as 90 gallons of water per inch of rainfall
  • Each year, Americans send 38 billion plastic water bottles to landfills
  • 45 decades is the average time it takes for a plastic bottle to completely degrade.

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Plastic bags, wrap and film can damage recycling equipment. Recycle these items responsibly by finding a drop off location near you.

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