Our Blue Planet

I am really struggling to post a blog this month.  Like half of America, I have been downright depressed since the election of Donald Trump.  It’s not about being a “sore loser” as many suggest.  It’s about the sadness and rage I feel because so many Americans have learned nothing from History or want to repeat it.

Politics tie into Savvy Composting because of our President-elect’s view on the EPA, Climate Change and so much more pertaining to environmental concerns.  Whether he can do it or not, Trump’s intent is to take us backwards, decades, with both social and environmental issues.  While caring and having empathy for those at greatest risk under this new leadership should be our top priority, we must not forget about the precious environment our very lives depend on.

Like many of you, I feel helpless.  There is no doubt that my family and I have white privilege.  We do.  This is simply a reality.  This said, we will do everything in our power to fight hate and defend those at greatest risk.  We won’t stand silently as others are mistreated.  Please join us in finding ways to fight hate.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  – Vincent van Gogh
We can fight hate, together.