DIY Fabric Softener

Hello there!

As you may or may not know, most conventional fabric softeners contain toxins that are simply not good for our children, us or the environment.  For years, I have used all natural, “free & clear” detergent and fabric softener.  While I’ve been happy with my brand of detergent, my natural fabric softener would become thick and goopy before I could finish the container – Yuck!  Additionally, it didn’t seem to work as well as the conventional brands I used in years past.  I set out to find a DIY fabric softener that is both economical and effective.  I found such a recipe on one of my favorite blogs but tweaked it and will explain why.  The recipe suggests making a multi-load batch by combining all of the ingredients in a Mason jar.  Well, this worked for one weekend of laundry and then, the mixture became so hard, Eric had to chisel it out of the jar for me.  For my next batch, I mixed only the Epsom salts and the baking soda and waited to add the essential oils separately with each load.  This too resulted in clumping but could be shaken loose.  Finally, I decided to add each ingredient, per load, instead of making a large batch ahead of time.  I have a front-load HE machine with a fabric softener compartment.  To that compartment, per load, I add:

2 Tbsp. Epsom salts
1 tsp. baking soda &
5-15 drops of essential oils (this all depends on your preference).

I keep the supplies, including a Tablespoon & teaspoon, right on my dryer.  It’s easy peasy!  If you don’t have a softener compartment, you can add the ingredients directly to your washer when starting the load (no need to wait for the rinse cycle).  You could also try adding it to a popular name-brand blue ball that gets tossed into the wash (though I haven’t actually tried this).

I will admit that there are 2 pairs of SL’s pants that still cling but truth is, they always have – my SIL says it’s the fabric they’re made of and not the failing of any particular fabric softener.

By using an all natural DIY fabric softener, you’re preventing toxins from harming you AND our environment.
Happy Laundry!