Water Bottle Fill Station

Hello all!

This is a rare second post for the month…  thank you for tolerating it.  :)

Last year, I asked about getting water bottle fill stations for the three schools at our High Tech North County Village.

To my delight, I recently found out about a project on our campus – The Ripple Effect.  SL and JP’s classes are not part of this project, but you know I’m excited!  I feel it is appropriate to share this project on Savvy Composting because of our efforts to reduce landfill waste.  Though plastic water bottles are recyclable,  Americans send 38 BILLION of them to landfills each year.  Ugh!  Human dependency on plastics and our overall failure to recycle appropriately has led to an environmental crisis – at land & sea.  <I encourage you to look back at my September 2016 blog.>

If contributing to this worthy cause is something you might be interested in, please know that no donation is too big or too small.  We welcome all – even $1 will help!  https://www.gofundme.com/htmnc-water-bottle-fill-station  Please consider posting this blog or the GoFundMe link on social media.

More important than a donation, consider organizing an effort at your child/ren’s school to install a water bottle fill station.  Elkay is the best unit I have seen to date; maybe you’ve seen one at your gym or yoga studio.  For a reusable thermos, our family’s current fave is Hydro Flask.

Help minimize plastic water bottle waste and happy hydration!