Undo the Taboo!

For you… or an important woman/girl in your life…

This month, I am going to approach a subject that is often avoided or only discussed behind closed doors.  Not here!
Around the world, menstruation is still heavily stigmatized even though it is a normal and healthy function of the female body. Dignity Period

How do periods and Savvy Composting correlate? Glad you asked! At Savvy Composting, we are dedicated to helping others reduce landfill waste. We are also very passionate about social issues both domestic and abroad. We’ve discovered a fantastic company and we’re so excited to share its products with you!

THINX are Period-Proof underwear that allow women & girls to reduce waste while feeling confident and clean. What really makes THINX stand out (to us) is their commitment to helping women and girls in developing countries. Please read about the THINX Foundation and see how they plan to “tackle (and achieve) the big 3.” Your purchase helps undo the taboo of menstruation and other women related health issues.

For those of you who require a different kind of protection, check out this product line by the same company…
icon Pee-Proof underwear! Right in line with THINX, icon is committed to women and has a partnership with the Fistula Foundation. Your purchase of icon undies helps fund life-changing surgery for women in developing countries.

How COOL is that?!