Vodka Anyone?

Hello there,

Yes, it has been a VERY LONG time since I last posted.  Classes & family have kept me busy – but all is good – and finally, I was inspired to write!

How does Vodka tie into Savvy Composting?  Glad you asked.

On Saturday, EW and I were doing much needed shopping at the Costco in Carlsbad, CA.  There, we had the pleasure of meeting Sam Chereskin, Co-Founder/President/CEO of MISADVENTURE & COMPANY.  What caught my eye was a sign he had displayed on his table that stated, “40% of food grown in America gets wasted every year.”  We were delighted to learn that, each week, Sam and his business partner, Whit, collect 2 thousand pounds of baked goods from the North County San Diego Food Bank.  They turn these baked goods into vodka – YES, VODKA!  How awesome is that?  Of course we had to buy a bottle to show our support!

Currently, MISADVENTURE & COMPANY is available in select locations.  Please consider buying a bottle – if not for you, as a gift.

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “Doesn’t food break down in landfills anyway?”  Yes, it does.  However, food that breaks down without oxygen (anaerobically) produces methane gas – a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.  Here comes my plug . . . composting, especially dump & run composting, is an easy way to help make a difference and reduce landfill waste.  If you haven’t started composting, please . . . let Savvy Composting help you get started!

. . . and meanwhile, go buy a bottle of MISADVENTURE vodka – Sam & Whit will thank you!