WOOLLY POCKETS – Gardening in tight spaces!

I am the first to admit that I don’t have a knack for gardening.  Truly, I wish I did… and I may give it another go once we get some outgrown kid equipment out of our backyard!  For those who love gardening and especially for those who want to garden but lack space, check out woolly pockets!  The breathable portion of Woolly Pockets are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The moisture barrier is made of 60% recycled plastic bottles.


October 2015

I snapped this photo at the SDGE Energy Innovation Center in San Diego, CA  – Their urban garden is loaded with Woolly Pockets!  If you have the opportunity to visit and take a tour or plan a field trip there for your students, DO.  It is amazing!

This Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed made of unfinished western red cedar is one of my favorite finds.  It’s currently on my Amazon Wish List.

This Gronomics Vertical Garden Planter made of unfinished cedar is a great option for growing herbs or creating a succulent feature for your yard or patio.